I never thought of I’d be into soap making until I found a video by NileRed on the chemistry behind how soap and soap making works, and I highly recommend his channel if knowing how it works is something you’re interested in.

I made my first batch on January 1st following NileRed’s base recipe and I’ve been experimenting from there. I just completed batch 16. It’s hard at first. Not the making, that’s pretty straight forward. It’s the waiting for it to be ready. Cold Process soaps take 4-6 weeks minimum with some not peaking until 8-9 months for some of the softer soaps. Hot Process soaps are technically ready as soon as it cools to room temp, but realistically, those soaps can benefit from a little time before use too. With that said, I’m impatient so I make mine so that will be ready as soon as possible. I’d have given up by now if I was just now trying the first batch

Ready in time for Halloween!

Making it look good is the hardest part. Doing it safely is the most important part. NileRed is a little cavalier about his use of Lye, but he’s also a Chemist in a Lab environment to plays with highly toxic substances. Lye, isn’t toxic though. I use a “Food Grade” version of Lye event. It is EXTREMELY CAUSTIC. Lye breaks down Fats to make soap. Human cells have a Lipid layer (Fat!). This means it will burn you while turning your flesh to soap. Using proper safety gear cannot be overstated as well as knowing what Lye reacts to. It’s fun, but I don’t want to read any more articles about accidental exposure. Getting Lye water solution in your eye will cause permeant damage in seconds. Swallowing it will require an immediate trip to the ER and may well kill you. I’ll link some articles below…

So even though it’s food grade, it doesn’t mean it safe to eat. It means it safe to use for food processing without leaving anything hazardous behind after it’s done. Even wonder how they remove the skins of tomatoes, potatoes, or grapes? Or reduce the acid content of something? How-to to come in the future.

Dangers and Safety information: (A bit of a downer, but better read and be safe than have something happen)
https://healthjade.com/sodium-hydroxide/ Includes information about what happened when it was swallowed buy a teen.

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